Corbeau has the largest inventory of custom seat brackets in the industry. One of the biggest mistakes people make when buying an aftermarket seat, is trusting the company when they say, “We have a universal bracket that will work with minor modifications.” If you haven’t learned yet, universal means it doesn’t fit anything. In order for an aftermarket seat to fit in your vehicle, you must get a custom bracket! We receive hundreds of calls from customers who spent countless hours trying to install other seats and never could get it to work. Some were successful but either their seats sat way too high or the seat was sitting at an odd angle. At Corbeau we know and understand that when you buy a seat you want it to bolt right in your vehicle. We are the only company to stock brackets for almost every vehicle that was ever made. Just take a look at our bracket guide and you’ll see what we are talking about. In most cases you simply remove your stock seat and bracket and the Corbeau seat bracket will bolt right up to the existing holes in your floor pan. In some cases you might have to open the holes a little due to slight variations in floor pans. Corbeau seat brackets are powder coated and come with double locking sliders. We can’t overstate how important it is to get custom brackets with your seats. Not only is it important for your safety but also for your sanity. Visit the Corbeau Master Bracket Guide to find the correct seat bracket for your vehicle.