Mar 28th 2020

How do I clean or protect my seats from wear and tear?

So, you have decided it is time to upgrade or replace your stock seats and just like all the other parts on your vehicle, you want to protect them for as long as you can. The good news is, we have a few helpful options!

First and foremost, the easiest and quickest way to protect your seats would be the use of our Seat Savers. These are made up of a rugged canvas type material and will protect your seats from almost all elements. Most of them will be form fitting to your specific seat model and will slip over the seat in seconds with straps and double adjust side release buckles to snug them down. These are great options if you have a vehicle that will be on a trailer or without a top and exposed to rain or constant sun. Just keep in mind, these are seat covers designed for protection and not necessarily full time use over the seats.

For applications where the Seat Savers may not work, we’ve got a little secret… In most cases, our seats don’t require any special treatments! That’s right, you can start out by treating them just like your stock seats. Vacuum them when they get dusty or dirty and use warm water with a mild soap to get out any minor spills but always be sure to use a clean rag or microfiber cloth so you don’t transfer oils or dirt back into your seats. As for vinyl or leather, you can use an automotive grade leather cleaner from the local auto parts store or even glass cleaner for a quick wipe down. We also recommend you apply some scotchgard to the seats prior to installing.

In the case that you have a major stain or accident on your seats, we will recommend contacting your local upholster as they are usually familiar with the most up to date cleaning products and it never hurts to get a professional opinion. If your seat materials are beyond repair, we do offer complete replacement covers to make your seats brand new again! These replacement covers will start at $89 per seat and go up from there depending on your seat model and material.

A side note on prolonging the life of your seats… With any seat that has higher side bolsters, not only will it be easier on your body but also easier on the seats to go up and over the bolsters instead of sliding or rolling over them when getting in and out of your vehicle.