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Baja XP

Baja XP Suspension Seat

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Baja XP
Baja Adapter A Baja Adapter is required when mounting this seat to a flat surface or Corbeau bracket. This baja adapter mounts to the vertical tabs located on the bottom of the seat to create a flat mounting surface.
Inflatable Lumbar Support For many drivers, improved lumbar support is a must. The inflatable lumbar support is a simple and inexpensive way to get that increased lower back support. The lumbar bladder is controlled with a hand pump that allows you to inflate or deflate the lumbar to your desired support level.
Seat Heater Installed Corbeau Seat Heaters are among the highest quality and most affordable seat heaters on the market. They arrive to you installed in your seats and are easily wired to your vehicle. The patented heat flow system heats up your body in a matter of seconds.
Seat Saver One of the best ways to protect your new seats is with a seat saver. Seat savers are canvas like covers that will protect your seats from the elements. The seat savers slip on and off your seats in a matter of seconds and are sure to prolong the life of your seats.

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Product Description

Over the last 50 years Corbeau has been synonymous with the best in racing seat development. Now couple that expertise with our understanding of suspension seats and from that you have the Baja XP off-road racing seat. This is hands down the best off-road racing seat money can buy. The Baja XP is equipped with the Corbeau suspension system, which has been proven to provide superior cushioning and significant energy return upon impact. The suspension system creates somewhat of a trampoline affect, which absorbs the impact that your back would otherwise endure. Its extra high side bolsters will absolutely eliminate body shifting. You’ll be able to keep your focus on driving and not on body positioning. The Baja XP has four vertical tabs on the bottom of the seat to allow it to bolt to a roll cage. If you plan on bolting to a Corbeau bracket or a flat mounting surface, you'll need to order a Baja Adapter (A22002F), which bolts to the bottom of the seat making it a flat mounting surface and eliminating the vertical tabs. If you do any kind of aggressive off-road driving, this is the seat for you. The Baja XP is available in black vinyl and vinyl/cloth materials. As a rule of thumb, the Baja XP will fit up to a 38 inch waist.

68801: Black Vinyl
68802B: Black Vinyl/Cloth