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VX2000 Racing Seat

This Seat is Priced Per Pair



VX2000 - Black Vinyl/Cloth   $998.00
Anti-Submarine Slot For a minimal charge, we can add a 5th slot in the base of this seat for the anti-submarine strap(s) on your 5 or 6-point harness belt. The 5th slot allows you to mount the anti-submarine strap in the optimal location without causing premature wear and tear to your seat base.
Seat Saver One of the best ways to protect your new seats is with a seat saver. Seat savers are canvas like covers that will protect your seats from the elements. The seat savers slip on and off your seats in a matter of seconds and are sure to prolong the life of your seats.
Shaved Base For many drivers, lowering the seating position is a priority. With the shaved base option, we shave the foam in the seat base to lower your ride height. For this seat we can shave up to one inch without jeopardizing the comfort or integrity of your seat.

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Product Description

The VX2000 racing seat is a revolutionary designed reclining seat, ideal for drivers of all sizes. This anatomically advanced seat features an injection molded, composite shell back, which you rarely see on a reclining seat. This unique and stylish seat will give your interior that added look of luxury you are looking for. Whether on street, the track, or off-road, the VX2000 racing seat will enhance your overall driving experience. Please note that because of the design of the VX2000 seat, a seat heater and inflatable lumbar support cannot be installed. It does, however, have great built-in lumbar support so don't let that be a deal breaker. The VX2000 racing seat is available in Vinyl/Cloth and 100% black Leather materials. As a rule of thumb, the VX2000 will fit up to a 42-44 inch waist.

20001: Black Vinyl/Cloth