When purchasing aftermarket seats, one of the most important elements to consider are the seat brackets and sliders. Sliders are also referred to as rails or tracks. You can buy the best-looking seat on the market but if you don’t have the right brackets and sliders, they can be a nightmare.

Corbeau is one of the only seat companies to custom make every bracket to optimize your seating position, ride height and sliding capabilities. There’s nothing like the feeling of installing your aftermarket seats just to find out you don’t slide back enough or that you’re not centered with the steering wheel. We do the work to ensure you don’t have this issue when you buy a Corbeau seat.

Corbeau brackets can use two different types of sliders, single locking and double locking:

Corbeau Sliders

Single Locking Sliders – As you can see there are two sliders per bracket, one for the left side and one for the right side. The single locking sliders, as you may have figured out by now, only have one locking mechanism where the adjustment handle is located. You pull this handle to the side to slide your seat forward and back. Our brackets come standard with single locking sliders. In other words, the price of our brackets includes the single locking sliders.

Double Locking Sliders – This type of slider has two locking mechanisms, one on each slider. The adjustment handle is a bar that connects to each slider and you slide forward and back by pulling up on this bar. This is very similar to how most OEM manual sliders work. This slider is designed for people who plan to take their vehicle to the track, drag strip, off-road or for anyone who likes a little extra security. You can upgrade your single locking slider bracket to double locking for only $20.