If you are considering aftermarket seats, you may be realizing that there are a lot of material options which you are not familiar with when comparing to your stock seats.

Corbeau offers an array of different materials, colors, and combinations to best suite your application. We offer cloth, vinyl, suede, neoprene and leather.

We often get questions like “Which material is the most durable?” or “which one feels the best?” So hopefully we can help you narrow down your choices.


Corbeau Leather Material

Leather typically is the most expensive material although for good reasons. It is super easy to take care of with everyday use such as spills or accidents in the vehicle. The durable hides will hold up to the constant wear and tear that seats are put through from sliding in and out of the vehicle and tougher materials rubbing against them all day. Some people even say that leather looks better as it gets used and is worn in.


Corbeau Neoprene Material

Neoprene is a synthetic material often used for marine wet suites as it doesn’t transfer hot or cold as easily. This means when you get in your vehicle in the middle of winter or the dead of summer, the seat won’t be too cold or too hot. The common misconception about neoprene is that it is waterproof. Sadly, this isn’t true for all neoprene types. Our neoprene material is very water resistant and will absorb the water before the foam in most cases but is not waterproof. The downside to neoprene material is it does fade faster than any other material. If frequently exposed to the sun it will fade but replacement covers are available.


Corbeau Suede Material

Suede is most known for its luxurious look and feel and our material accomplishes just that. More specifically, we use what is known as an ultrasuede or microfiber material. It has a smooth and soft feeling when rubbing your hands across it. To keep up with that high end luxurious feel, we also use our leather in the high wear areas of our seats to keep them in show quality condition. The suede is another great material for durability as it doesn’t soak up liquids and is super easy to wipe down.


Corbeau Vinyl Material

Vinyl is most often chosen for the “most durable” seat material we offer. Why? Because it is a synthetic material designed to replicate the looks and feel of real leather for half the cost. It is a breeze to clean, doesn’t soak up liquids, and looks just as good as leather! Our vinyl is offered in a few different color choices such as black and grey. We even offer a carbon fiber vinyl which looks stunning up close and yet again, is very durable.


Corbeau Cloth Material

Cloth comes in many different forms but in the automotive industry, a polyester blend is the most common. This material is usually the most comfortable when it comes to a sweaty back or sticky legs on a hot day because it is a porous material which allows more airflow between your body and the seat. Due to its open airflow like design, this material will accept the elements it is exposed to easier which means it does take a little more TLC to keep it clean.