For over 50 years Cobeau has provided Corvette owners with the best in aftermarket seating. We have custom seat brackets available for basically every Corvette year and model dating back to 1963. Custom brackets are a must when installing seats in your Corvette to avoid issues of sitting too high or off center. Corbeau Corvette brackets also come with sliders, allowing you to slide the seat forward and back for an optimal seating posistion. As most Corvette owners know, space is very limited in the Corvette.  The A4  is one of the more popular reclining Corvette seats because it will not only fit in most Corvettes but also doesn't sit too high. The seat must be installed with the reclining mech towards the inboard side but this is still easily accessable and doesn't create any issues. The Evolution X is also a great option. While this is a fixed back (non-reclining) seat, the angle of the back is such that you still sit in a very comfortable reclining angle. Other popular seats include the Forza, DFX, and FX1 Pro, which are all more performance oriented fixed back seats. For more information on Corbeau Corvette seats please call us at 801-255-3737.